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Watts Gregory has considerable experience in valuing various business structures including limited companies (public and private), partnerships, sole traders and others.

Businesses across a wide variety of sectors have been valued, including manufacturing, software & information technology development, retail, professional services, agriculture, engineering, telecommunications, construction, travel and property development/investment.

No two businesses are the same. It is often said that business valuation is ‘an art and not a science’, a meaningful valuation should not merely be a ‘painting by numbers’ or a pure ‘number crunching’ exercise.

We have carried out business valuations for dispute resolution purposes for in excess of twenty years and during that time have acted in the following areas:

  • Shareholder disputes – whereby a director/shareholder leaves the business and the remaining parties purchase their shares.
  • Section 994 petitions – when a prejudiced minority shareholder has sought to wind up the company.
  • Matrimonial settlements – where one or both of the parties, has a shareholding in a business, which may well be the largest asset within the settlement. We have considerable experience acting as either Party Appointed Expert or Single Joint Expert in such matters.
  • Breach of warranty – whereby an acquired business’ value is not what was represented by the vendors to the purchasers.
  • Diversion of funds or assets – whether to another business to which a party has an interest, or to a non-related party and receives benefit for doing so.
  • Trustee in bankruptcy – recovery of shareholding transferred to spouse or other family member immediately prior to application for bankruptcy.
Watts Gregory - Business Valuations

Watts Gregory - Business Valuations

The above are in addition to the wealth of experience we have in valuing businesses for other purposes including MBOs, MBIs, fiscal (CGT and IHT), mergers, acquisitions etc. We have a good relationship with HMRC’s Shares and Assets Valuations Division and have agreed several valuations with them on behalf of clients for Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax and Employee Share Scheme purposes.


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