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Watts Gregory Forensics, a division of Watts Gregory LLP, has been providing forensic accounting and expert witness services to the legal, corporate, law enforcement and regulatory sectors from offices on the outskirts of Cardiff, for some 20 years.

Our team are highly experienced in many areas providing not only advisory and expert reports, but also undertaking Expert Determinations and involvement in Mediations. The firm is a member of The Network of Independent Forensic Accountants (NIFA) and the UK200 Group of Practicing Chartered Accountants & Lawyers.

NIFA is generally accepted to be the foremost network of forensic accountants in the United Kingdom providing its members with regular continuing professional development (CPD) training and a useful forum for discussing relevant topics.


We have many years of experience advising lawyers in ancillary relief matters…

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Business Valuations

We have valued businesses across a wide variety of sectors including…

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We have provided forensic accounting services to lawyers, corporates…

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We have acted in a large number of criminal cases, for both the Prosecution…

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We have acted for Government agencies, businesses and individuals…

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Watts Gregory Forensics is a division of Watts Gregory LLP…

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